Cartography and Geoinfomatics



Training term: 4 years

Qualification (degree): Bachelor

Last decades showed that geoinformation systems have entered practically into all spheres of human activity. Implementation of GIS allows supplying practically all services with an information base at a new level; on this basis it makes possible to find out the solution of engineering, technological, economic and a number of other problems. Geoinformatics represents theory, methods and traditions of classical cartography and geography combined with modern trends of computer modelling. Modern cartography is a combination of different scientific disciplines and technical branches. Practical value of cartography is defined by the necessity and indispensability of maps as evident and accurate spatial models.

The area of bachelor’s professional activities includes:
- research, pedagogical, design and production work connected with cartography, geoinformation mapping, geodesy, and Earth remote sensing.

Subjects of bachelor’s professional activities are:
- natural, man-made, natural and economic, environmental and economic, production, social, recreational, public territorial systems and structures at global, national, regional and local levels. Their connections, interaction and functioning through creation of maps and atlases of geosystems at different hierarchical levels, digital databases and geographic information systems for national planning, regulation, design, forecasting, geographical expertize of all forms of economic activity;
- sustainable development;
- monitoring of cartographical support of federal and regional programs for social and economic development;
- natural and cultural heritage protection, tourism, etc.;
- cartographic items and geoinformation systems created on the basis of spatial data collection, systematization and processing of spatial information of the Earth objects, planets and outer space, thematic interpretation of terrestrial surveys, Earth remote sensing, statistical observations, references, as reality models.

The bachelor in “Cartography and Geoinfomatics” is trained for the following types of professional activities:
- research,
- design and production,
- pedagogical.

The higher educational institution, the trained, scientific and pedagogical staff of the university, and associations of employers define particular types of professional activity of bachelor training.