Information Safety


Information Security
Information Analysis Systems of Financial Monitoring

Training terms: 4 years

Qualification (degree): Bachelor

In our days, information is considered as one of the main resources of social development; information systems and technologies are seen as means for increasing the productivity and overall performance.

Information security is one of necessary aspects of business activities in conditions of aggressive market economy.

The area of bachelor’s professional activities includes:
- fields of science, engineering and technologies covering many problems, connected with ensuring security of e-objects in conditions of modern threats in information sphere.

Subjects of bachelor’s professional activities are:
- objects of informatization, including computer, automated, telecommunication, information, information analysis systems;
- information resources and information technologies in conditions of modern threats in the information sphere;
- technologies providing information security of various objects (a system, a system object, an object component) which are connected with information technologies used for these objects;
- information security management processes of protected objects.

Taking into account the profile of training the higher educational institution and all interested participants of educational process can specify the particular subject of a professional activity.

The bachelor in “Information Security” is trained for the following types of professional activities:
- operational,
- design and technology,
- organization and administration,
- experimental and research activity.

The higher educational institution, the trained, scientific and pedagogical staff of the university, and associations of employers define particular types of professional activity of bachelor training.