"Business Management"
"Production Management"
"Project Management"
"Financial Management"
"Logistics and Supply Chain Management"

Training term: 4 years

Qualification of the graduate: Bachelor

Today the profession "Manager" is one of the most interesting and demanded ones both in the world, and in Russia. Thanks to professional and efficient management, companies are able to operate successfully in the conditions of super-dynamic changes. Modern management covers a wide range of knowledge and activities allowing the businesses to be competitive in the markets.

The area of bachelor’s professional activities includes:
- companies with any legal form of organization (commercial, noncommercial, state, municipal) where graduates work as performers or managers of a junior level in various administrative personnel services;
- bodies of state and municipal administration;
- structures where graduates create and develop their own businesses.

Subjects of bachelor’s professional activities are:
- business management of various organizational and legal forms;
- processes of state and municipal administration.

Bachelor in Management is trained for the following types of professional activities:
- organization and management,
- information and analysis,
- entrepreneurship.

Particular types of professional activity are defined by the higher educational institution, the trained, scientific and pedagogical staff of the university, and associations of employers.