Optical Engineering


"Optical and Electronic Devices and Systems"
"Medical Optical Devices and Optometry"

Training terms: 4 years

Qualification of the graduate: Bachelor

Have you ever heard anything about Optical Engineering? While working with the computer, you use "optical mouse", you write down information on "optical disk", you look at the optical-electronic LCD monitor, the network connections of your computer go through "optical cable"; all these occur without leaving your workplace. Development, creation and use of laser devices, various systems and complexes, land and space telescopes, systems of night vision cannot be done without modern optical instrument making.

The area of bachelor’s professional activities includes:
- research, development, preparation and organization of devices and systems production based on the use of optical emission; element base of optical engineering (optics, optical-electronic and laser technology; optical and laser manufacturing technologies) and testing of optical, optical and electronic elements, devices and systems, as well as materials for their creation.

Subjects of bachelor’s professional activities are:
- interaction of electromagnetic optical radiation with different substances;
- development, creation, and use of optical, optical-electronic, laser devices, systems and complexes;
- production technologies of optical elements, materials, devices and systems;
- laser technologies of different purposes;
- element base of optical, optical and electronic and laser technology;
- software and computer technologies in optical engineering.

The bachelor in Optical Engineering is trained for the following types of professional activities:
- research,
- design,
- production and engineering,
- organization and management.

Particular types of professional activity are defined by the higher educational institution, the trained, scientific and pedagogical staff of the university, and associations of employers.

Upon graduation, those who have passed successfully final state certification apart from qualification (degree) "Bachelor", are appropriated a special title of "Bachelor-Engineer".