Safety in Technosphere


"Life Safety in Technosphere"
"Industrial Safety"

Training term: 4 years

Qualification (degree) of the graduate: Bachelor

Problems of environmental conditions became essential due to the development of technosphere. Providing protection of a person from natural disasters and epidemics, many of the achievements of scientific and technical progress are accompanied with the arising of new dangers. The industrial development demanded special knowledge to solve this task. Within the process of the development of our civilization, human society is compelled to solve safety problems constantly, seeking to increase security of people. Humankind always sought to ensure its safety.

The area of bachelor’s professional activities includes:
- providing safety of a person;
- formation of a comfortable technosphere for life and activity of a person;
- minimization of technogenic impact on environment;
- preservation of life and health of a person due to the use of modern technical means, control methods and forecasting.

Subjects of bachelor’s professional activities of are:
- people and dangers connected with human activities;
- dangers of habitat connected with human activities;
- dangers of habitat connected with natural hazards;
- dangerous technological processes and industries;
- methods and means of dangers and risk assessment;
- methods and means of protection of a person and habitat from dangers;
- ranging of dangers and anthropogenous impact on the environment;
- survival equipment.

Bachelor in “Safety in Technosphere” is trained for the following types of professional activities:
- design and construction,
- service and operation,
- organization and administration,
- expertise, supervision, inspection and audit,
- research.

A higher educational institution together with being trained, scientific and pedagogical staff of the university, and associations of employers defines particular types of bachelor training.

Upon graduation, those who have passed successfully final state certification apart from qualification (degree) "Bachelor", are appropriated a special title of "Bachelor-engineer".