Applied Geodesy

Profile: "Applied Geodesy"

Training term: 5 years

Qualification of the graduate: Surveying Engineer

For many years geodesy has provided the solution of problems of territorial planning, architectural and construction design. Presently the development of cities and settlements is impossible without detailed topographical plan depicting all above-ground, underground and over-ground constructions. The role of geodetic works for urban development and construction of various engineering constructions is essential. Today geodesy is a highly intellectual branch which is closely connected with use of IT technologies for geospatial data processing, as well as 3D technologies for real time representation of objects.

The area of specialist’s professional activities includes:
- collection of measuring spatial information about Earth’s physical surface, its subsoil, space objects, representation of Earth’s physical surface or its territories in plans and maps;
- implementation of spatio-temporal objects positioning, phenomena and processes on Earth’s physical surface and in surrounding space, DTM creation;
- organization and implementation of works on acquisition and distribution of geospatial data, both for the territory of the Russian Federation in general, and for its regions, aiming to the development of their infrastructure.

Subjects of specialist’s professional activities are:
- the Earth and other planets’ physical surface, near-space;
- man-made and natural objects on Earth and other planets’ physical surface;
- territorial and administrative structures;
- geodynamic phenomena and processes, gravitational, electromagnetic and other physical fields.

The specialist in Applied Geodesy is trained for the following types of professional activities:
- production and engineering,
- design and survey,
- organization and amanagement,
- research.

Particular types of professional activity are defined by the higher educational institution, the trained, scientific and pedagogical staff of the university, and associations of employers.