Siberian OpenSource Geospatial Lab

SSUGT Open Geospatial Lab

The Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies (SSUGT) Open Geospatial Lab (SOGL) based on the “Thematic Mapping Lab” is a part of a growing global network of organizations formed under the umbrella of a memorandum of understanding between the International Cartographic Association (ICA) and the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) following the motto Geo for All. The creativity, dynamism and high-profile success stories of the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial applications (FOSS4G) movement are attracting increasing attention from end users, developers, businesses, governments, educators and researchers around the world.

The aim of SOGL is to develop and promote open source GIS education, and to stimulate innovative research in the application of open source geospatial technologies.

The SSUGT Open Geospatial Lab is the central and only node in Russian Federation.

Our mission is to develop collaboration opportunities for academic, industrial, and government organizations in free and open source GIS software and data from both within and outside the country, and we encourage anyone with an interest in this initiative to get in touch.


Kolesnikov Aleksey, Email:
Kikin Pavel Email:
Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies (SSUGT),
10 Plakhotnogo Str.,
Novosibirsk, 630108, Russia