Research Institute of Earth Observations (RIEO)

Dr. Anatoly I. Kalenitsky

Scientific adviser

The RIEO includes eight scientific schools and twenty-four scientific laboratories, four of which are independent.

Scientific schools:

  • Investigation of principles and development of theoretical bases, techniques and technologies of creation, maintaining and use of electronic GeoSpace providing advanced programs for modernization of “Electronic Russia”, “e-Government”, “Information Society”
  • Digital photogrammetric processing of aerial photographs and satellite images for territorial monitoring
  • Improvement of methodological and technological solutions for land resources management, regulation of land and property relations and cadastral activity
  • Geometry, physics, and dynamics of Earth’s gravitational field
  • Development and investigation of methods and techniques for high-precision monitoring of engineering objects using geodetic data
  • Modelling and environmental assessment based on geospatial data integration
  • Development of methodology, methods and technologies of integrated geodetic and mine surveying works for field development of mineral deposits
  • Methods and techniques of engineering surveys for construction of engineering structures