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Current Students

Student's life at the SSUGT it is not just educational and training processes.

If you want to sing, either dance, or participate in different competitions, YOU ARE WELCOME!

Do you prefer to be a performer, not a spectator? If yes, you have an opportunity to join one of our festivals, competitions and show programs.

Do you lead a healthy lifestyle? You are fond of sports?

In this case we can offer you volleyball, basketball, boxing, mini-soccer, shooting, table tennis, light athletics, and aerobics sports sections.

Do you want to improve your knowledge? Maybe you have a wish to participate in the development of your creative ideas and programs of different level? Or perhaps you have brilliant ideas and desire to improve your skills or master unique equipment?

In that case you will find at the University: youth creative workshops, business incubators, student's science and technology park, research laboratories and scientific centers.