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The main task of personnel policy at the University is recruiting for teaching qualified young scientists capable to innovative activities. The SSUST develops and supports a system of grants motivating young PhDs for carrying out and completion their researches. The University staff has got large experience in fulfilling contractual geodetic surveys, cadastral and geospatial works in the interest of other companies and administrations of territories. Scientists of the University offer a wide range of their own know-hows in such areas, as precise navigation, cadastre and land inventory, laser scanning, three-dimensional modelling, and multi-purpose optical devices.

Participation of experienced and young scientists of the SSUST in federal special purpose programs has become more active and significant. Research capacity of the University is far from exhaust potentialities and allows the SSUST to increase the scales of its scientific and training efficiency significantly.

Today the SSUST is a higher educational institution relying on its traditions and responding to innovations.