New stars lit up in the sky of SSUGT!

The Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies hosted the final of the most striking and large-scale sports project "Sports Stars-2022".

The event is organized by the Office of Educational Work and Youth Policy and the Panther Student Sports Club. The main ideological inspirer and mentor of the Sports Stars project is Natalya Borisovna Kirilova, Head of the Department for Educational Work and Youth Policy.

The project began with a casting, which took place in 2 stages: interview and crossfit. Based on its results, 13 guys with the best performance were selected. From that moment on, a busy and difficult month started for the participants and organizers

As part of the project, a lot of useful activities were held for the participants: the guys regularly attended trainings at the Energia gym, the choreographer Artem Samakovsky regularly worked with the participants and taught them the art of dance, trainings in public speaking were held for the guys. In addition, during the month, participants were given master classes in various sports: boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, football, stretching, sword fighting.

The day of the concert came, our stars gathered in one bright constellation and showed a space show, which was evaluated by no less space jury! The panel of judges at the event was represented by: Kolokolova Tatyana - Director of the Center for Culture and Creativity; Mikhnyuk Elena - Miss Office Novosibirsk 2022; Soboleva Tatyana - ex-chairman of the Panthers sports club; Artem Samakovsky - Founder and Director of the Ocean Dance Studio, choreographer of the Sports Stars 2022 project; Kevin - President and founder of the private lounge bar LS; Malashchenko Valeria - The winner of the fourth season of the Sports Star.

According to the decision of the jury, prizes were distributed as follows:

1st place: Alexander Bragin, BZ-11; Shchegoleva Sofia, PG-12;
2nd place: Lupinogov Vladimir, PG-11; Ryazantseva Angelina, BGD-11;
3rd place: Anton Rozhnov, BGD-11; Bakhtiyarova Alina, OT-11.

Vladimir Lupinogov, PG-11, won in the nomination "People's Choice Award". According to the jury, Bragin Alexander, BZ-11, showed the best creative performance.

The space concert showed that nowhere and never do the stars shine as brightly and captivatingly as in SGUGiT. We look forward to seeing everyone who wants to participate in the Sports Stars 2023 project in a year at the casting of the sixth season!

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