SSUGT in League 2 of the national aggregate rating

The portal for the independent assessment of higher education,, published the next National Aggregated Ranking 2024. Thus, 686 universities were divided into 10 leagues. A place in the Premier League is an indicator of the high level of program implementation and the quality of education. SSUGiT entered the 2nd league of the national aggregate ranking together with other universities in Novosibirsk: NSPU and NSAU. 5 universities in the city of Novosibirsk were included in the 3rd league, 1 – in the 1st league, and 2 universities – in the Premier League.

The portal also contains specialized ratings: subject, scientific, employers, etc. Thus, a subject rating is a tool for assessing the achievements of a university in specific fields of science or areas of professional training.

Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies annually participates in the Subject Aggregated Ranking of Universities and consistently improves its performance.

Enlarged groups of specialties of the 1st league:
05.00.00 Geosciences
12.00.00 Photonics, instrumentation, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies
20.00.00 Technosphere safety and environmental management
21.00.00 Applied geology, mining, oil and gas engineering and geodesy
27.00.00 Management in technical systems

Enlarged groups of specialties 2 leagues:
09.00.00 Informatics and computer technology
10.00.00 Information security
38.00.00 Economics and management

Enlarged groups of specialties 3 leagues:
17.00.00 Weapons and weapon systems
40.00.00 Jurisprudence

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