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  • The VI National Scientific and Practical Conference began its work at SGUGiT

The VI National Scientific and Practical Conference began its work at SGUGiT

Today, the VI National Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation "Regulation of land and property relations in Russia: legal and geospatial support, real estate valuation, ecology, technological solutions" dedicated to the celebration of the 90th anniversary of NIIGAiK-SSGA started its work at the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies – SGUGiT.

The conference provides a unique opportunity to discuss topical issues, exchange ideas, evaluate domestic and foreign software products, methodological and technological solutions in the field of cadastre, geoengineering, land and property relations, issues of legal and geospatial support for sustainable development of territories, real estate valuation, ecology, application of systems artificial intelligence in the geoindustry.

The purpose of the conference is to form a professional discussion platform for discussing topical issues and assessing achievements in the field of land and property, land management, cadastre, ecology and geoinformation support; exchange of experience and best practices; generalization of scientific and practical results of research work, contributing to their popularization.

The conference is attended by practitioners and scientists in the field of information technology, geodesy, cadastre, law, as well as representatives of higher education.

The conference is held in person, with the possibility of connecting in the videoconferencing format. The following sections will work within the framework of the conference:

  • Legal support of land and property relations in Russia.
  • Cadastral activity, cadastral registration and registration of rights.
  • Geoinformation mapping and systems modeling. Automation of management of the land and property complex.
  • Evaluation of the property complex of the enterprise. Methodological support of the cadastral valuation of real estate.
  • Ecological and technospheric safety. The system of environmental monitoring of the state of real estate.
  • Geodetic support for sustainable development of territories. Modern directions of development and trends in the field of geospatial technologies and remote sensing.
  • Geospatial platforms and technologies for the needs of the digital economy.
  • Advanced practices of cadastral engineering. Symposium of young scientists and students named after A.A. Antonova.
  • Application of artificial intelligence systems and "big data" in geoengineering.

The theme of the conference was not chosen by chance. One of the priorities of the government program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" is the digitalization of the processes of managing the land and property complex of the state using advanced innovative geotechnologies.  Today, SSUGiT is one of the leading universities in Russia, which develops and introduces new technological solutions in the field of digital geospatial technologies.

Get acquainted with the schedule of the sections, as well as & nbsp; you can join the conference in videoconferencing mode at website or in the telegram channel

The conference continues its work on November 23, 24, 25, 2022 at SGUGiT.

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