• Юбилейный, сибирский, астрономический!

Jubilee, Siberian, astronomical!

In the period from 18 to 20 September 2020, the annual XV Siberian Astronomical Forum was held at the Chkalovets children's sanatorium and recreation camp. This camp can be confidently called the homeland of Sibastro.

Among the Forum participants were well-known astrophysicists, amateur astronomers and students of SSUGiT. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, all activities were carried out taking into account the requirements of the current situation.

The forum program included fascinating lectures by speakers from St. Petersburg, Omsk, Irkutsk and Novosibirsk. In the discussion of the reports, the following topics were touched upon: global climate change; space debris; future outposts of humanity; scientific tourism in the Baikal region; how Peter the Great observed solar eclipses; bright comets.

For the first time, AK Potekhin, the director of the Angstrem company, became a participant in the forum and turned out to be a person who really lights the stars. He made a presentation: "Creation of a sodium reference star using a laser." This is very important and necessary for both astronomy and military optics; practical work was carried out at the VLT telescope in Chile.

In the evening and at night, a master class with night vision devices and a parade of telescopes were held.

After the lectures, all the Sibastro participants had a unique opportunity to observe through the largest telescope, Ninjja, with a lens diameter of 450 mm. Excellent astronomical weather made it possible to observe Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, star clusters, a nebula in the constellation Hercules. Some of the participants managed to see the "shooting star" and make a wish.

The guests of Sibastro and the forum participants could learn about the myths and legends of the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere in the mobile planetarium.

At the solemn closing of the Forum, representatives of the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies were handed over a memorial sign "Star named after IN Yazev." for the long-term popularization of astronomy, for presentation to Konstantin Mikhailovich Antonovich, professor-consultant of the Department of Space and Physical Geodesy.

The astronomical team should be thanked for their help in organizing the Forum. The students systematically assigned responsibilities among themselves. The meeting of the participants, registration, meals, work with the devices were all carried out by the forces of the astro-detachments. The most energetic students managed to organize their work, so that they managed to attend lectures, and even take a walk to the shore of the Ob reservoir. Many saw the sea for the first time, because came to study at our university from remote places.

15 years of Sibastro are over!

By cosmic standards, we are only at the very beginning of the path. Ahead are new stages in the life of the Forum, stellar achievements, discoveries and stories.

And as always I would like to wish:
"I wish you vivid impressions both day and night!"

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