Mission of the University

The Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies is a dynamically developing innovative, scientific, and educational complex of lifelong education with the wide network of branches and the representations carrying out both training of specialists and scientific researches. The University staff sees its mission as ensuring of the unified intellectual area that includes educational, research, and implementation components promoting globalization of material and spiritual values; transferring advanced knowledge and information; providing formation of knowledge and skills system based of integration of the educational process and fundamental scientific researches.

Steady positioning of the University in the current educational system is provided by its highly experienced faculty, and creative educational process quality management. The majority of university’s educational programs are focused on active assistance in training specialists providing their professional development, knowledge transfer, efficient work both within the country, and abroad.

The priority of the University is training specialists, capable to fulfill works independently in a wide range of geo-sciences, optical technologies, economics, information systems, geo-monitoring, and sustainable development of territories.

Being faithful to University’s long-term traditions its staff keeps developing geodetic engineering school, provides opportunities to get modern and quality education by using different forms of training allowing students to choose level, time, pace, and place of their training. By strengthening its status in Russian and international scientific and educational fields the SSUGT does its best to enter the world market of innovative technologies and services.

In its activities the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies adheres basic principle of respect any person, his rights and dignity; creates special conditions for faculty, employees and students self-development and self-realization; forms a corporate environment at the University.

Mission of the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies is focused on its international recognition as one of the leading specialized institutions of higher education in scientific and educational fields.