Discipline code: 21.06.02
Accreditation period: 27.02.2025.

Major (profile) of the educational programs: Geodesy

Forms of Education: in-class, remote.

Period of in-class training: 3 years.

Period of remote training: 4 years.

Qualification: researcher, lecturer-researcher.

Document of higher education and qualification: Certificate of Completing a Post-Graduate Course.

Field of professional activity: methods, technologies and means of establishing, developing and maintaining geodesic coordinates systems, height / elevation finding, building and using mathematical models of the Earth’s gravitational field, studying geodynamic processes and phenomena, storing, transmitting and processing the results of geodesic measurement, geodesic  support to construction-and assembly, cadastre, land use, front-end engineering and design, surveying, geological prospecting and forest management works, rational management of natural resources, geodesic monitoring of stress-strain state of Earth crust and its surface, buildings and constructions, supporting unity of geodetic measurements, automation of geodetic works, geodesic production management.