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Dear University Entrant!

We welcome you on the web-site of the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies!

SSUGT is a unique Siberian university. We carry out training of specialists, capable to fulfill independent activities in a wide range of geospatial sciences, optical technologies, economy, information systems, geo-monitoring, and geo-ecology.

Having entered the SSUGT you will join wide educational resources, and will make a good career in future.

Having joined the SSUGT you will be confident in your future employment and successful career development.

SSUGT has extensive international relations. At our University you will be able to train and carry out research activities abroad.

SSUGT offers opportunities of continuous training. Having arrived in the SSUGT you will be able to gain the bachelor and master's degree, become engineer, and continue your training in PhD courses.

SSUGT has highly skilled faculty. Here you will be trained by skilled professors in up-to-date equipped computer laboratories and multimedia lecture rooms.

SSUGT is the university possessing a multiple-purpose library stock. At the SSUGT you will have an opportunity to use printing, external and internal electronic resources of the largest high school libraries.

SSUGT provides outstanding student's life. Having joined the SSUGT you will be able to develop your talents, to find yourself in out-of-class activities, music bands, dances, sports, work in a video-studio, volunteer work, and so far.

SSUGT has an active sports life. At the SSUGT you will be able to attend different sports sections (e.g. table tennis, shooting sports, skiing, aerobics, light athletics, weightlifting, powerlifting, basketball, boxing, volleyball, mini-soccer).