Photonics, instrument-making, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies

Discipline code: 12.06.01
Accreditation period: 27.02.2025.

Major (profile) of the educational programs: Optical and optoelectronic devices and complexes

Forms of Education: in-class, remote.

Period of in-class training: 4 years.

Period of remote training: 5 years.

Qualification: researcher, lecturer-researcher.

Document of higher education and qualification: Certificate of Completing a Post-Graduate Course.

Field of professional activity:

  • Studying physical phenomena and regularities in the field of photonics, laser physics, wave optics, integral and fiber optics, non-linear optics, optoelectronics, optical material science, biomedical optics, plasmonics;
  • Engineering aimed at design, production and application of instruments and systems for obtaining, registering and processing information about technical and biological objects;
  • Expert and organizational-and-managerial activities related to photonic devices and technologies;
  • Educational activities aimed at training specialists with a university degree in development and application of photonic devices and technologies, instrument-making, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies.