Applied geodesy

Discipline code: 21.05.01
Accreditation period: 27.02.2025.

Level of education: Higher

Major (profile) of the educational programs: Engineering geodesy 

Forms of Education: in-class, remote.

Period of in-class training: 5 years.

Period of remote training: 6 years.

Qualification: Engineer-Geodesist.

Document of higher education and qualification: Specialist’s Degree.

Field of professional activity: obtaining measurement spatial information about physical Earth surface, subsoil, space objects, representation of physical Earth surface or its particular territories on plans and maps; coordinate-timing of objects, phenomena and processes on physical Earth surface and in the surrounding space, building digital terrain models; organizing and carrying out works on collecting and disseminating geospatial data in Russia in general as well as its particular regions in order to develop their infrastructure.

Demand for the graduates: graduates work at organizations and services  of different departments involved in geodesy, engineering-and-geodetic survey, geodetic support to construction and operation of buildings and constructs, special geodetic measurements in order to use Earth surface and subsoil, topographic-and-geodetic support works, municipal engineering service, technical inventory, real estate cadastre and land use, creating original inventory and cadastre maps and plans, at topography-and-geodesy enterprises, industry-based research institutes, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.