Discipline code: 21.05.04
Accreditation period: 27.02.2025.

Level of education: Higher

Major (profile) of the educational programs: Mine surveying

Forms of Education: in-class, remote.

Period of in-class training: 5.6 years.

Period of remote training: 6.6 years.

Qualification: Mining Engineer (Specialist).

Document of higher education and qualification: Specialist’s Degree.

Field of professional activity: engineering support to human activities in subsoil in operational exploration, production and processing of solid mineral deposits, construction, and operation of underground facilities of different purposes.

Demand for the graduates: graduates can work at organizations and services of various departments involved in operational exploration, production and processing of mineral deposits, construction and operation of underground facilities, geodesy and mine surveying, defining spatial-timing characteristics of the state of the Earth surface, underground and terrestrial facilities, industry-based research institutes, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.