Discipline code: 38.03.01
Accreditation period: 27.02.2025г.
Level of education: higher.

Major (profile) of the educational programs:

  • Economics of enterprises and organizations – in operations with immovable properties;
  • Digital economics.
  • Attendance: in-class and distance education modes.
  • Period of in-class training: 4 years.
  • Training time, distance education: 5 years.
  • Qualification: Bachelor.
  • Document of higher education and qualification: Bachelor’s Degree.

Area of professional practice:

  • Economic, financial, marketing, industrial, economic and analytical departments of different companies working in different industries and areas;
  • Financial, credit and insurance entities;
  • State and municipal authorities;
  • Academic and institutional research entities;
  • Higher and secondary educational institutions, general secondary institutions, supplementary education institutions.

Relevance of graduates, Economics of enterprises and organizations – in operations with immovable properties: graduates can work in enterprises and institutions working with immovable property, real estate evaluation and management. They can also perform research in industrial research centers, the RAS institutes and (or) higher education institutions, in companies and organizations working with immovable properties.

Relevance of graduates, Digital economics: graduates can work in state authorities, including inspection and control, in business, in higher education and research institutions.