Information Security

Discipline code: 10.03.01
Accreditation period: 27.02.2025
Level of education: higher.

Major (profile) of the educational programs: Organization and methods of information security.

Attendance: in-class and combined in-class and distance education.

Period of in-class training: 4 years.

Training time, combined in-class and distance education: 4.6 years.

Qualification: Bachelor.

Document of higher education and qualification: Bachelor’s Degree.

Area of professional practice: science, engineering and technologies for protection of information in the context of threats in the area of information.

Relevance of graduates: graduates can work in institutions and companies designing and ensuring protection of information, performing audit of information security systems in various entities, certification of information systems and their compliance to terms and conditions of information security, engineering, implementation and support of information security systems in the Russian Federation.