Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The Lab specialists carry out both fundamental and R&D activities, provide development and implementation of educational programs in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and offer market ready VR and AR solutions for industrial applications.

The Lab conducts studies in the field of indoor navigation and indoor positioning systems; carries out the development of VR and mobile device applications; provides technical expertise services on the use of VR and AR systems, etc.

Laboratory development projects include: "Panoramic Tour of SSUGT" – interactive 3D virtual tour based on panoramic photographs; "SSUGT VR app" – a 3D VR application based on a Fibrum smartphone; "Reference and Information WMS «e-Univer»" that provides information support of administrative and maintenance activities at the University; "GEO-Siberia" Reference Mobile Application" designed for the participants and organizers of the conference " Interexpo GEO-Siberia" and functioning on the basis of Android and iOS.